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  • Ocean vs River Cruising - which is better?

    22 Jul 2015

    Both the ocean and the river cruising have its fans as well as its critics, but what if you have never experienced either?  Which would suit you best?

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  • Disney at Sea - a cruise adventure for kids (young and old)

    24 Jun 2015

    Which is the cruise line that knows how to entertain kids – young and old  - Disney of course!

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  • Sean Skilton is Blown Away by so Many of Canada's Natural Wonders

    14 May 2015

    Whilst I've been fortunate to visit Canada a number of times including both the east and west coasts, I've never ventured into the Rockies...  Now I wish I had earlier! I clearly didn't know what I was missing...

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  • Contiki Tours for Solo Travellers

    14 May 2015

    Maryanne discovers why travelling to Europe alone ain’t so bad!

    Everyone has different attitudes and opinions when it comes to travelling alone. For those who choose to do so, it can be quite a daunting thought and emotions can rollercoaster from feelings of excitement to nervousness.

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  • Family Fun in Hong Kong

    13 May 2015

    Angela has just returned from an exciting family escape to Hong Kong. With stunning views both day and night, thrilling theme parks, great walks, fabulous food, a variety of shopping outlets and lots of history and culture this vibrant and energetic city is perfect for that getaway any time of the year. 

    Hong Kong is firmly on the map as a wonderful family destination. Here are my top things to do on your next holiday...  

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  • What Not to do on a Cruise Ship!

    12 May 2015

    Following on from last month, just for fun, ‘what not to do on a cruise ship’. Enjoy...

    • Don’t miss the boat – seems very obvious but you will be surprised how often this happens – make sure you have all your required documentation to board the ship.

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  • Enhance Your Cruise Experience with Michelle's Top Tips

    13 Apr 2015

    So your cruise is finally here, you’ve received your cruise pass and with huge excitement you finally step on board your ship. Now what?

    There are a number of great things to do whilst on board, hopefully my picks will enhance your cruising experience.

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  • Congratulations to Angela and Team Scotland

    20 Mar 2015

    Angela recently returned from the UK boasting a medal when she competed in a fun-filled tour extravaganza throughout Scotland, courtesy of Qantas Holidays.

    She was pushed to her limits driving, flying, bussing and walking as she explored the countryside. It’s a hard life, but someone has to do it!

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  • MSC Orchestra Cruises into Sydney

    19 Mar 2015

    This month we have decided to do a short blog on an unusual visitor to the Sydney shoreline – MSC Orchestra.

    Angela was fortunate enough to see the ship while in dock this week and to say the least was pleasantly impressed.

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  • My African Adventure

    07 Feb 2015

    Recently Skilled Travel made dreams come true for Lynette Davies who recently returned from her African adventure, where she was surrounded by the magnificent wildlife and local culture, which is just so fascinating beyond belief.

    Lynette has kindly provided her insight and observations (the way she saw things), plus some of the interesting and helpful folk she met along the way…

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