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Is there anywhere she hasn't been: Michelle Pestana


Michelle Pestana brings a wealth of travel knowledge and experience to the Skilled Travel team, which we are eager show off. Having recently completed a 7-year stint as a cruise specialist with The Cruise Team, Michelle admits to knowing most of the cruise liners on the seas at the moment and is only too happy to answer any of your questions about the joys of cruising.

Her recent adventures have found her in Las Vegas, where she loves the hustle and bustle and the sheer open space this desert city has to offer. Not a gambler herself, Michelle said there are still plenty of activities available to entertain both day or night.

But what she really loves is the fact that America knows how to do everything on a grand scale, including the Grand Canyon, where she took her 2 kids to enjoy the spectacular sights of one of the true wonders of the world. Not happy with enjoying the view from one of the many cliff platforms around the canyon, Michelle suggests that flying over was one of the most exhilarating experiences ever, where you get to see the vast landscape in all its glory.

Being a South African, Michelle wouldn’t be complete without doing a few African Safaris in her lifetime, where she has glamped her way through the world-renowned Timbavati Private Reserve in the Greater Kruger National Park, which was her most memorable safari experiences. “What makes a trip to this game park so remarkable is the incredible team of staff and guides, who not only welcome guests to the camps with warmth and genuine pleasure, but they will stop at nothing to help you see a leopard and cross it off your bucket list.”

Her favourite foodie experience was in Fiji, where the indigenous locals created an earth oven, or Lovo, which involved heating up large stones until they become white hot, and then laying a whole pig wrapped up in coconut or banana leaves and left under the ground for eight hours. The result was absolutely delicious and well worth the wait.

Michelle loves to travel, but she really enjoys sitting down with clients and planning the perfect trip. She would love to help you plan your own adventures and memories whatever the occasion may be. Michelle is also Master Accredited with the Cruise Lines International Association - CLIA's top accreditation.

Give her a call sometime on (02) 9605 5866 or email

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